Greek Village is back!

Greek Village is a summer camp and a ministry of the Metropolis of San Francisco. It is an engaging week-long program of preserving Greek Heritage in all its forms - language, history, geography, astronomy, art, theater, dance, and cuisine at Saint Nicholas Ranch, Dunlap, California.

The idea for a Greek Village camp was born from the vision of a handful of Greek families back in 2010. It started with 25 kids, a lot of hard work, and was primarily privately funded. Finally, the torch has been passed to the willing hands of a new generation of Greek Americans.

Today our ministry is a big success with nearly 100 campers who experience the Greek Culture and Language in a fun and creative camp environment - an ideal place where rolling hills, ancient oaks, a small lake, an apple orchard, and an olive grove provide gorgeous natural surroundings.

Greek Village is back again for the summer 2024 on June 16-22, with a vigorous program. The theme for this summer is the Greek Revolution of 1821.

Give your children the opportunity to learn everything about the Greek Revolution of 1821 through interactive classes, hands-on workshops, dance, cooking, theater and arts and crafts and enjoy the campers’ exciting life in Saint Nicholas Ranch with your friends and peers. Allow them to take great lessons from Greek History and to find out how this Greek summer experience can make their modern lives better.

Theodora Nakou, Fr. Christos Kalaitzis | Greek Village directors

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